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The 3 Questions You Must Ask To Make Your Customers Hearts Sing

Posted by Michael Jans on 4/19/16 7:00 AM

Imagine this. You’re pursuing a deeper relationship. With a date, for example. You know you have to communicate. In today’s world, a reliable flow of texts, emails, phone calls need to issue forth from your technology to the object of your desire.

But it’s not just the frequency of communication that matters. What, ultimately will win your paramour’s heart is the content of what you say. Here are three questions you must consider when you’re trying to win the heart of insurance clients…

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Answers To The 7 Most Common Questions About Marketing Automation For Insurance Agents & Brokers

Posted by Michael Jans on 4/12/16 7:00 AM
You won't find an issue of an insurance trade magazine these days without at least one author exhorting readers to "go digital." Or sometimes it's "go digital or die." Likewise, carriers are pushing, cajoling and needling their agency force to adopt digital technologies. For good reason.
Today's consumer is years ahead of the average agency or brokerage in their adoption of digital technology. Now...more ominous...the venture capital community is pouring money into 'insure-tech' innovations designed to disrupt a mature - and some would say 'out of touch' - agency/brokerage system.  We have conversations with hundreds of agencies a week, and have discovered a dangerous level of confusion about what marketing automation is and what it does. We've also noticed something else...
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