7 Secrets to Social Media Conversion

Posted by Michael Jans on 3/5/13 12:30 PM

How many times have you posted to your social media pages and not gotten near the results you were hoping for? How many times have you gotten no engagement at all? Well, if you want the most “bang for your buck” from social media--or any of your advertising for that matter--then you need better targeting. What does targeting mean? Simply, when you know enough about a prospect to say something that’s relevant.

Try applying conversion centered design strategy to the social media conversion funnel as shown in the Infographic below.

While your prospects arrive via the normal sources of inbound social media traffic such as Facebook, the difference is that rather than direct them to your website, you direct them to a targeted landing page with a relevant offer. When you send traffic is given to a landing page instead of a homepage, not only can you enhance your message match, you can start building your list.

A socially relevant and optimized landing page produces higher conversions. Here’s a few tips to help you get started...

1. Use a landing page. Sending your social media traffic to a landing page improves the clarity of your message vs. using a cluttered homepage. 

2. Social message match. Mirror the message and tone of your upstream ad to ensure prospects feel that they made a “good click”.

3. Social proof. Use testimonials and social media widgets to establish your authority via popularity  and success indicators.

4. Make it easy to share. Don’t miss the opportunity for an influencer to share your product or service. Use familiar social media widgets to enable your message to spread.

5. The shortest form. Ask only for email, you can get everything else later.

6. The safety net CTA. Provide a secondary method for those not ready to convert to stay in your sphere of influence (such as liking you on Facebook)

7. Social discovery. Leads are fed into a social discovery tool such as RapLeaf, and turned into social profiles, which can be marketed to much more effectively over time.

With greater profile knowledge comes the ability to provide more targeted and personalized communication with your new customers.


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