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Posted by Lucas Jans on 5/13/13 2:00 PM

At Agency Revolution my title is "Director of Innovation." What does that mean? It means that I've been trusted by my clients to deploy the resources we are given to help agents meet the consumers where they are going. 

When consumers started rapidly shifting to mobile devices as their primary computing device, we also shifted and provided our customers with a Mobile Optimized insurance website. (Mobile traffic traffic accounts for 8%-25% of our clients traffic.)

Another part of my job is knowing when to say "no." Making the wrong choices is dangerous. Not only does it waste money on useless projects, but it also distracts from the great opportunities that lay in front of us. For example, many agents are screaming for help about social media! Everyone's talking about it. Everyone says they are doing it. Some people even outsource it. But almost no one is satisfied with their results from it.

I've had more than one client in the past say, "can you do my social media for me?" And the answer is "yes," we can take your money and do a worse job than you could do with social media. And many companies are doing just that with the insurance industry. (Michael wrote about this in our ebook "Why (Almost) Everything You've Been Told About Social Media Is Dead Wrong.")

If we focused on automating a bland, boring style of social media for you... that none of your customers or prospects would want anyway... would have we had the time develop amazing tools like the Agency Scorecard?

Lastly, there is one other distraction I would like to lay to rest: a mobile app for your agency. The average smartphone user has over 50 mobile apps installed. And they don't use most of these. Now, let's be completely honest, if someone is thinking of you, for that one time-a-year they need you, are they going to remember your app? Did they even install it? The answer is likely "no."

But they will type in your agency name into your phone. And click to your MobiQuote site. And they can click on a phone number to call you, a map to get personalized directions to your office, or complete a form for a quick quote or claims request. All with a best-in-class app like experience that we offer with MobiQuote.

As technologies and consumers behaviors continue to evolve, I promise that we'll be there, looking ahead and evaluating the best options for your agency.

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