Do You Keep The Promise To Your Customers?

Posted by Michael Jans on 11/21/15 11:06 AM

_Blog_Headline_-_Mending_2.jpgJust what is the promise of the independent channel?

What difference does our channel promise the consumer? In the long game, it is the consumer who gets to decide: do we matter?

Everyone knows what GEICO’s promise is. That in 15 minutes, they can save your 15% or more on car insurance.

That’s not our promise. We should not sell on price. Our channel is more expensive. We won’t win that game. It’s bad strategy. Bad strategy kills.

Some customers care only about price. They’re good customers for the channel that brags about cheap. They’re not good customers for our channel.

There are other customers who actually care about what insurance does. Protect.

Take good care of those people, and they will reward you richly. There are a lot of them. (Even the huge millennial population is drifting that direction. They’re buying homes, cars, having children, starting businesses.)

Take care of them, and they’ll reward you with super-high retention, more of their insurance wallet, more referrals. You can build your business on them. More than likely, you should.

But that means your strategy needs to be aligned around protection - and your internal systems must be aligned around that strategy.

  • That means it’s not acceptable when a CSR provides a quote and hopes the prospect calls back. How do we know if that person is protected?
  • That means it’s not acceptable when a CSR takes a service call and does not explore other forms of protection. How do we know if that person is protected?
  • That means it’s not acceptable to let your clients have their insurance scattered and uncoordinated. It’s not acceptable to skip Annual Reviews.
  • Most of all, it’s not acceptable not to cultivate, manage and earn deep and meaningful relationship with your clients.

Relationship means they’ll trust you. Relationship means they’ll be loyal to you. Relationship means they’ll follow you. It gives you the right to lead.  It gives you the right to win.

Mending The Broken Promise: Part 1

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