Executing The 4 Stages of Insurance Marketing

Posted by Michael Jans on 6/7/16 10:30 AM

Point of Difference #6: Executing The 4 Stages of Insurance Marketing

Anything worth doing in business is worth having a system for.

That's the most reliable way to make sure things are understood. And that they get done.

The ACOR+ Marketing Model is such a system. It provides a comprehensive way to understand the customer journey - from "I want a quote" to "I love my broker!"

Further, it informs the kind of systems and processes that agents & brokers want to organize and monitor. It also gives direction to the technologies that support your marketing.

In other words, you want to make sure that you're communicating systematically and persuasively to your marketplace and customers in such a way that you:

  1. Attract high quality prospects into your lead funnel
  2. Convert a high percentage of those prospects into customers
  3. Optimize those relationships so they are as deep and rich as possible
  4. Retain those relationships as long as possible

For more than 20 years, Agency Revolution has studied one question: "What makes some agents & brokers more successful than others." While some things change - tactics, techniques, even consumer behavior - others remain the same. Leaders must constantly assess the shifting insurance environment and adapt to remain competitive. Agency Revolution has compiled some of its key findings about success in todays insurance world, which will be published in a new eBook, "11 Points of Difference: What Fast Growth Agencies & Brokerages Do That Others Don't (And Why They Will Own The Future." Put yourself on the waiting list for a free copy by clicking here. You'll be notified as soon as it is ready. This blog post is an excerpt.

ACOR represents the ideal Insurance Marketing structure

As you can see, the idea is to help move people into deeper and deeper relationships, from leads who may not know you that well to, eventually, promoters who help you generate more new customers.

Instead of doing this passively or haphazardly, hoping they'll become loyal clients - well crafted systems supported by robust communication technology will help you accelerate the Path to Loyalty as quickly as possible.

ACOR represents the structure of the ideal insurance marketing system. But that structure isn't everything. That's why we add a "+" to it. The plus means that it's not just the quantity of marketing that matters - it's also the quality. 

It's knowing our customers. Respecting them. Delivering high quality content that adds value to their lives. And, ultimately, delighting them at every stage of contact... from your website, to the emails they receive, to the words and tone that's used in each and every phone call.

Frequency of communication matters. Targeted communication matters.

So does content: what you actually say.

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