How to Get Quality Links to Your Agency’s Website so You Can Rank Well in Google

Posted by Lucas Jans on 10/24/13 1:00 PM

If you want to rank well on Google you need to get quality backlinks. If you agree with that statement and want to find out how to get links then stay tuned... that's what this article is for.

However, if you're not convinced link building is vital to your online search strategy then I encourage you to first reviewMoz’s 2013 Ranking Factors Study here. If you don't have time to read it I'll sum it up in one sentence: 

Links are still believed to be the most important part of Google’s algorithm (approximately 39%).

Essentially, the more quality links you have the more “trusted” your website is. And Google wants to connect people with trusted websites. That’s why sites with lots of quality links rank better than sites without them. Make sense?

[Note: quality links are more important than quantity of links.]

So if you’re an insurance agent or broker who wants to get more traffic and leads from online search then read on. Because in this short article you’ll learn five simple strategies to get good links to your site.

Disclaimer: I didn’t say these link building strategies were “easy.” They are “simple” but they do take work. The competition for Google rankings is extremely high. So agents who want to do it the easy way will lose. Like most things in business, anything worthwhile requires hard work.

Link Building Strategies


1. Leverage existing relationships

One link building strategy that still works well is getting links from your existing relationships. This works regardless of the industry you’re in but it’s especially relevant to insurance agents since our industry is highly relational. For many agents this is low-hanging (but valuable) fruit. So swoop down and pluck it.

Action: Ask your carriers, partners and vendors for links to your site. Also consider your top commercial clients. Ask them if they’d be willing to link to your site? Focus on this for 30 days and see how many links you can get from your existing relationships.


2. Links from charities

Another way to get links is from the charities you support. As an agency owner chances are you’re involved in your local community in some way. And those charities, organizations and/or groups you support can be great places to get links from.

Action: Call any local organizations you support and ask them if they’d be willing to link to your website. It cost the charity nothing to do this except a few minutes of their time. And from what I’ve heard, most are happy to do it, especially since you’ve helped them in the past. Let them know you can send them an email with specific instructions on how to link to your site.


3. Get featured in local media

One of our clients, Claudia McClain, recently wrote a blog post titled, In Case of Doubt, Hit the Deer. It was picked up by a hyperlocal media company the same day. So Claudia ended up getting a link from another trusted website, plus, she got traffic from the website that linked to her. Even if you’re not an active “blogger” there are still ways to get some media exposure (and links).

Action: Familiarize yourself with your local media websites. Read their stories and think of three news articles that they may be interested in. Then find out who you should pitch your ideas to. You’d be surprised how eager local media companies are for interesting stories from a local expert. If you get a story accepted make sure you ask for a link back to your website.


4. Get .edu and .gov links (they’re gold)

Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to links. Therefore you want to consider the trust and domain authority of websites linking to you. And two types of sites that are known to have high levels of trust and authority are .edu and .gov sites (education and government sites). Many SEOs consider this the crème da la crème of links.

Action: Most 4-year colleges are already partnered with a universal insurance company. You want to put your focus on the community and junior colleges. First, research the college’s website. See if you can find any insurance information. If you don’t see any insurance information, write up an in-depth informational article on renters insurance and auto insurance.

Then, tell the school you noticed they don’t have a page created for their students. This is something the college should have on their site to help their students. Now, you, the guru of insurance can let the college know you have this great information available. All you ask for is to be able to include your phone number and link to your website so they can call to ask questions.


5. Create remarkable content that attracts links

Publishing remarkable content is another good strategy to get links. I use the word ‘remarkable’ because that’s what works best. People suffer from information overload. We all know that. So if you want to create content that’s worthy of being linked to you’re going to have to invest some resources (time, money or both). Content can be in the form of: blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, guides, podcasts, videos, etc.

Action: Take time to find out what type of content resonates with your target market. If you specialize in a commercial industry think of answers to problems businesses in your industry face. Write a blog post about that topic to see what kind of feedback you get. Next, consider expanding on that topic by creating an infographic or short whitepaper. After the content is created reach out to bloggers, vendors, partners or anyone you feel would be interested in linking to your content.


Link building is a marathon, not a sprint 

Sorry. I wish I could tell you differently. But as you know, Page One of Google is very competitive. You can succeed but it will take work. The good news is that most agents aren’t doing the things I just outlined. So if you take action you’ll be ahead of the curve.

By the way, if you want to find out how many links your agency’s site has then visit our free Insurance Marketing Analyzer, Simply visit and type in the URL of your website. In about 30 seconds Scorecard will analyze 4 major internet marketing areas, including how many links you have.

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