How we're helping Agents ride the Mobile & Local wave

Posted by Lucas Jans on 2/29/12 2:40 PM

Local, Social and Mobile: The world is changing and consumers are demanding to be communicated with differently than before. The first "wave" of Internet marketing was web sites and universal search. Today the consumers are moving to the mobile Internet. 

How many of us? In 2012, over 1 Billion people will use their mobile device as the primary Internet access point. In the not too distant future, there will be more people online with mobile devices than notebooks and desktops. 

We're not sitting still. We're launching three new initiatives to help you ride the "second wave."

1) Local Search Path & Plan 

When someones on their mobile phone, how are they going to find you? If you answered "My Mobile App" you would be wrong. Consumers are going to search, 97% of which is controlled by Google. But search on mobile is often different than your desktop search. Google knows your on your phone and will deliver local results. This is local search. 

Our team has developed what I believe to the simplest, most powerful system for boosting your search rankings - not only in this industry but in any industry. We call it The Local Search Path & Plan Wizard. Today we're making available the 10 step Local Search Path & Plan. It's available right now from your Digital Insurance Office. Just click on Tools after you login and select Local Search.

2) Mobile Web Site 

Once your prospect or customer has found you with their smartphone, they are going right to you Digital Insurance Office. But, the last thing you want to do is frustrate them. And if they see your current site on their phone, they will be frustrated. So, we're launching a brand new "Mobile Website" for you. For free. (It's what you get by being our partner.) The mobile website is currently in beta right now and we will be rolling it out during our April event in Chicago. 

This training is $249 per person requiring internet access (Agency Revolution customers are free). Please call VIP services immediately to sign up for this hot new training. Space will be limited and only those signed up ahead of time will be allowed to attend the training.

3) Get 5 Star Reviews 

We've designed a new campaign that is designed to:

  • Get you 5 Star Google Reviews
  • Boost your Local Search Results
  • Deliver terrific testimonials for your Agency

It's designed to be SIMPLE and easy to execute. To access the training, just use the Local Search Path & Plan from your DIO. 

The second highest ranking factor for Local Search are reviews. Consumers can view your listing and share with the world what they think about your business. To help boost your rankings, we've designed and tested a reviews campaign that will increase your number of positive reviews. Tom Johnson launched this campaign and already has 10 more positive reviews and #1 rankings in his area.

JUST FOR FUN: I set aside a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate for the first member who uses this campaign to get at least five 5-Star reviews! Just email and we'll get back to you! 

4) Client feedback

  • Jim Downing hunkered down and implemented the search marketing tricks we gave him. The results? Since June his Firefly site sold 69 policies.
  • The Nicklow's are ranking #1 or #2 for just about any type of insurance in Maryland.

The world is changing and consumers are moving to a new platform. We're making sure you're ready to meet them. Right now, we see mobile traffic account for up to 15% of our client's sites. This number is only going to increase, and eventually eclipse desktop traffic. 

Get started with the Path & Plan tool and see you in Chicago for April's training! If you're an Agency Revolution customer just let us know. 



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