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Posted by Michael Jans on 8/6/16 10:47 AM

Why did we take almost three years to build something new…when we already had something really good?

I’m writing this primarily for our customers at Agency Revolution. But, I know that we have a readership and following beyond that, so here it is…for all the world to see.


We’re so excited we’re giddy.

I think you will be, too. Allow me to explain.

Several years ago, my wife, Teresa, commissioned a hand-made guitar to be built for me. Over the next few months, I was constantly visiting the luthier who built my guitar. I picked out the wood for the front, back and neck. Helped design the inlay on the fretboard.

Finally — just in time for Christmas — it was done.

All of a sudden, I was a better guitar player. Why? My instrument was better.

Richer. Deeper. More lustrous.

Hard work was ahead of me. (My skills are clumsy.) But, instantly, I sounded better. And my heart was joyous.

And that’s just how our team feels. Giddy. Joyous.

And on the verge of something very, very new. It feels like Christmas.

As you may have heard, we’ve launched a new platform. (Technically, August 9th, coming out of beta.)

And, like my guitar, it’s been hand-crafted by brilliant, careful and committed people. It was painstakingly designed. Expertly built. Constantly tested.

And now, it’s ready to play.

And, thanks to the dedication and feedback from our early beta clients, it’s going to market.

Why did we do this? (In my years in the trenches, I’ve never seen a team work this hard, sweat so many details, or push so far past the wall of exhaustion.)

Why go through the heartache, struggle and expense of building something new…when we already had something?

Something very, very good.

Great question.

At the core, we have a vision that motivates us — and causes us to break through wall when we have to:

To make it easy to for you — agents and brokers — to communicate wth your clients.

  • To deliver value all year long.
  • For your customers to be delighted with you.
  • For your customer relationships to be meaningful.
  • For each and every customer to feel like they’re being treated like real people. By real people. By people who care. Not just about the price of their insurance. But about them, and their families. About their businesses. About being protected and having peace of mind.
  • For your customers to become so loyal they will never leave.
  • To become so loyal they will always turn to you — with trust — for their protection.
  • To become so loyal they will refer their friends, their family and their colleagues to you.
  • For your relationship to have enough substance, enough depth, that you completely, utterly and totally destroy the ‘bad’ stereotypes of an insurance agent or broker.
  • And that the term ‘trusted advisor’ is not just a marketing gimmick or an empty platitude. But that it represents what your clients feel and do: turn to you with trust and turn to you for advice.

We think we’ve been doing that very well with software. For more than six years.

And the proof is in the pudding.

Our clients are probably the fastest growing agents and brokers in North America. They’ve been connecting with their customers in the way that today’s customers demand.

And it pays off.

But, we thought we could do even better. So we put together a plan.

Our VP of Product Development, Lucas Jans, put together a team of the industry’s brightest engineers. And they set about the job.

  • To make it easier to use.
  • To make it more beautiful — for you and your customers.
  • To make it simpler to get results.

And now we launch.


If you’re not a beta customer, you may be wondering, “When can I get it?”

The answer is simple: in an organized, conscientious timeline:

  • On-boarding new clients is work. It involves new integrations, set-ups, approvals, trainings. If we attempted to migrate everyone at once, we’d all have chaos. So, we’re going to invite people to move judiciously. (Meanwhile, we’ll continue to service and support everyone, regardless of their platform, just like we’ve always done.)
  • The new platform doesn’t have every feature of our classic model. That’s on purpose. We’ve focused on simplicity. Some clients — our real ‘power users’ — may choose to stay on their current platform. That’s okay. There’s no rush. And there’s no need to change at all. We’ll talk it through with every client — one client at a time.
  • Thank you to our new beta customers. But — as we all know — as more customers come on board, we’ll find new bugs. And we’ll work ’em out. Allow us to jump in the deep end of the pool. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Meanwhile, let’s all double down on our core commitment.

Communicate with your customers. Show them your gratitude. Delight them throughout their lifecycle with you. Return their trust and shower them with value. Help them fill their gaps. Protect what matters most to them.

Earn their hearts. Their wallets will follow.

Before we go, I have my thanks to give.

To Lucas. Not just for being the brightest engineer in the insurance industry. But for being an engineer who ‘gets’ insurance agents and brokers. Cares about what they do. And has brought forth a wonderful, magical solution — unlike the industry has ever seen.

To Maggie. For running the company with discipline and grace, while some of us created chaos and confusion.

To Hayes. For guiding our Sales Team to bring us the best group of willing beta customers I’ve ever seen.

To Lucy. For guiding our Implementation Team and helping move those customers through their beta experience — and to a ridiculous 44.9% average open rate on their ‘Customer Re-Engagement Campaign.’

To each and every person on our incredible team. In my almost 40 years in business, this is the best team ever. Thank you, all. I should name you all…for now, your name is written in my heart.

And, finally, to our passionate, patient and innovative beta customers: Burke Bogart & Brownell, Quigley Insurance, Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group, SOGO Wealth & Risk Management, DB Insurance, Fidelity Insurance Group, DS Insurance, Cheney Companies, Billyard Insurance Group, Moody Insurance, Guide Insurance Services, American Insurance Point, Ellis Insurance, Guardsman Insurance, Keevily Spero Whitelaw, Flagler Insurance Agency, The J. Morey Company, VerHagen Insurance, Jennings Bryan — Chappell Insurance Services, and Kaplansky Insurance.

And, those who believed in us early, made the jump and are out of beta: Prime Insurance Agency, Tedford Insurance, Garrett Insurance Agency, Benefit Quest, Oakview Insurance, CF Insurance, Insurance Shoppe, Premier Insurance, Carnahan Insurance, Norton and Siegel, Inc. (If I missed any, it’s my clumsiness. Lucy keeps me posted — and loves everyone of you.)

Thank you so much.

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