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Posted by Michael Jans on 10/29/12 6:00 AM

Each Monday morning Michael Jans gives you a quick coaching session that will help grow your business and get your week started right. Welcome to Coffee With The Coach!

Continuing my 9-Step Plan on breaking through your income plateaus...

This week: How would you feel if you could spend 46% less time making the same amount of money you do now?

That’s TWO EXTRA days off each and every week.

Now, it won't happen overnight, or even a few months. But if you track and delegate the way I explain on the video, it will take you less than a year to free up as much time as you want... Watch now to find out how!

Members: Click here to download The Mad-Dog Time Optimizer tool mentioned on today's video.
: Try the exercise I mention on the video for just one day on your own, let me know how it goes below!

And please don't forget to give your staff the edge...

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