Pride in Online Real Estate

Posted by Michael Jans on 6/18/16 10:30 AM

Point of Difference #9: Pride in Online Real Estate

Confusion about the fast moving world of ‘digital marketing’ abounds. Many agents & brokers remember a world where ‘digital’ didn’t even exist.

Now it’s everywhere.

And it won’t stand still.

It’s understandable that brokers get confused.

The '3 Part Digital Model' below helps some agents & brokers organize it.

The 3 part digital model

For more than 20 years, Agency Revolution has studied one question: "What makes some agents & brokers more successful than others." While some things change - tactics, techniques, even consumer behavior - others remain the same. Leaders must constantly assess the shifting insurance environment and adapt to remain competitive. Agency Revolution has compiled some of its key findings about success in todays insurance world, which will be published in a new eBook, "11 Points of Difference: What Fast Growth Agencies & Brokerages Do That Others Don't (And Why They Will Own The Future." Put yourself on the waiting list for a free copy by clicking here. You'll be notified as soon as it is ready. This blog post is an excerpt.

  • You don’t own social media. (You don’t even own your Facebook page. Facebook sets the design. Facebook sets the rules. And Facebook will change those rules.) But, an effective social media marketing strategy will help you strengthen and extend your brand. Your customers will notice. And, effectively executed, you’ll draw some new leads into your marketing funnel.
  • Marketing automation makes it easy for you to communicate and add value. You control the messaging. Ideally, your marketing automation system let’s you control the timing, the look and the precise point of delivery.
  • Your website is your real estate. It represents your brand to your leads, partners and customers. You can – and should – load it with valuable content, frequently asked questions, common (and obscure) research content, quote request forms, and a representation of who you are, your team is, and what you stand for.

Responsive design websites are the best way to ensure a consistent quality of experience across platforms

Web technology – like everything digital – changes.

More than likely, over half of your visitors will visit you on a mobile device. (That number will grow every year.) f you don’t have a mobile friendly – responsive – design, you’ll lose those valuable mobile visitors.

And once they visit, give them something worth visiting you for. Fresh content. Relevant blog content. Special pages for niches. (Plus, this will help Google find you, too.)

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