The 5 Most Important Decisions Agency Owners Must Make Today

Posted by Michael Jans on 2/20/16 6:30 AM

A friend of mine noted that since the county put lane barriers on highway 97, it changed the pattern of deer migration. He’s a hunter. So he adjusted the pattern of his annual hunting expedition. Darn. He had a good thing going. He used to go where his dad and uncle hunted. Year after year after year. But he adjusted. And he’s having venison for dinner. He’s also an insurance broker. And he’s had a tougher time adjusting his “hunting” behavior there. Even though the stakes are much, much higher.

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Topics: Insurance Brokers, Insurance Marketing, Digital Marketing

297 Words: Precisely What Insurance Customers Must Hear In 2016

Posted by Michael Jans on 1/26/16 6:03 AM

What is the single most important message you need to deliver to your clients in 2016? What do they need to hear - intellectually and emotionally - to convince them that you are “the one?”  Precisely, what words must your customers hear to feel, to believe…to know…that as far as insurance is concerned, you are the “love of their life?”  When others come calling - and they will - your customers’ loyalty will keep them with you. In their “happy place.”

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Topics: Insurance Brokers, Insurance Marketing, Digital Marketing

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