The Connected Insurance Agency

Posted by Michael Jans on 10/8/16 11:07 AM

How Insurance Agents & Brokers Are Rapidly Dominating Their Market by Connecting More Deeply with Their Customers and Prospects, Delivering an Ongoing Stream of Value and Marketing Like Modern Day Wizards

The insurance consumer has changed.

So what? What difference does that make to the insurance provider?

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Insurance Marketing

Final Part of: Insurance Agents & Brokers Should Never Sell On Price

Posted by Michael Jans on 7/12/16 10:00 AM

Price Marketing Weakens Agencies & Brokerages, Disappoints The Customers And Is The Worst Strategy Possible For The Insurance Agent & Brokerage

  • The price driven customer is perfectly suited to the direct channel.The peace of mind driven customer is perfectly suited to the agency/broker channel. As industry wide analysis will show you the price driven customer is expensive to get and easy to lose.
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Topics: Insurance Marketing

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