A New Sign-In Experience

Posted by Lucas Jans on 10/21/13 9:30 AM

With the roll-out of our  new website, we've also made some changes to the sign-in process. These changes should make accessing all the benefits of Agency Revolution easier.


To login to your Digital Insurance Office, just click on the "Sign-In" text on the bottom of the website.


To access another tool, just select the service and login.


Here's a quick video demonstration.


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What's Different

Posted by Michael Jans on 10/18/13 5:00 PM

I'd like to share some brief and candid thoughts with you. What about? 

About some soul searching my team and I have done. About some very big changes we made. About the role we believe we are meant to play in the insurance industry. And, of course, how this may affect our relationship.

Here are two "big things" that came up in the "soul searching department":

One, that we want to be the most trusted marketing company in the insurance industry. In turbulent times, people need a reliable source of solutions. If we're a good fit, we want to be that reliable source. We believe in this industry. We believe in agents and brokers. And we want to be a safe place our clients can come to get the results they need.

Two, that we want our tools to deliver a smooth and easy user experience. Agents and brokers have a lot on their plates already. We want to offer marketing solutions that delight our users. Not frustrate them.

So, that gets to the "big changes." 

We realized there might be some confusion about our "brand" or "image." Even our own presence on the web hasn't accurately reflected what is most important to us.  So we re-built it. Completely. 

We created a site we believe accomplished two things:

1. It makes us completely transparent. Virtually any question you may have about our services and products are answered there. No bloated claims. Just the truth. Candidly, if someone is thinking of using us a marketing partner, we want them to be educated about us. We know that people do their research on the internet, and we want to make that as easy as possible for them.

2. It delivers a delightful, clean user experience (I hope you'll agree that it does).

You'll also notice that we have adopted a new logo. (This may seem silly, but I didn't feel that our old logo, with "red pointy sharp things" was very trust-inducing! So, we went with a design that is much more approachable... but still expresses the urgency of the color red.)

Finally, you may notice our new tagline: "Imagine. The Agency of Your Dreams." We believe strongly that we have identified the strategies and created the tools to help agents reach their dreams (and, frankly, we want agents to dream again!). 

My experience, working with agents and brokers all these years, is that there are some common elements to those dreams: an agency that matters; an agency that customers love; an agency where the team loves to work; an agency with a clear sense of direction; and, of course, a strong agency that is growing and thriving.

Of course, a website is only one expression of who we are. I am sure that you'll see, as we roll out new features, products and services, innovative solutions that grow agencies - while delivering delight to their customers and marketplace.

I'd like to share our new website with you here. I'd also be honored to get your feedback, if you have a moment by leaving a comment below.Click to edit your new post...

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Topics: Software Updates

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